There are many advantages working with a professional collection agency and ARS is one of the best for these reasons:

Dedicated To Customer Service: Many of our clients have been with us since our inception because of our hands on approach and dedication to customer service; we would like to think we are the Zappos of the collection industry when it comes to customer service.

Tremendous Value: We work on a contingency basis only, we do not get paid until we collect, so it imperative that we produce results; We provide a free letter series, skip tracing, calls, customizied reports, toll free client representatives who handle payment arrangement and settlements to resolve accounts, all at our expense.

Experience: Our Management Team has over 30 years experience in the Collections Industry
Entrepreneurship: Validation of our Success and Collections Procedures happened when we sold our first Collection Agency to a Group of Attorneys.

Highly Skilled Collectors: Our most valuable asset to our organization is our Experienced, Certified, Trained and Knowledgeable Collectors. Many of our Highly Skilled Collectors have been with us for over 15 years a rarity in the business, with an average of ten years experience. Our collectors are very motivated because of pay structure and family oriented business.